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Russia/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan [Daily Plan]

Russia/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan [Daily Plan]

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Number of days
Data capacity

Can be used in Russian/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan eSIM is.

You can use it for the specified number of days, and you can use the specified data capacity per day.
If you use up the capacity, you can use it at low speed.

--Forlous introduction of Russia ---

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, featuring rich history and diverse culture. The capital Moscow is the center of politics and the economy, and is famous for Clemlin, Red Square, and St. St. Petersburg is called the northern capital, and is a tourist attraction where the Hermitage Museum and the splendid palace are. Novos Villesk is the largest city in Siberia, a base for science and education. Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, and Kazan Kremlin is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


--- Simple introduction of Kazakhstan ---

Kazakhstan is a vast country located in Central Asia, featuring a variety of cultures and rich natural scenery. The capital Astana (Nul Sultin) is lined with modern buildings, and is famous for its Bitterk tower and Astana opera. Almatoy is the former capital, where Panfirov Park and the Zenkov Cathedral are located as the center of culture and commercial. Simkent is a major city in the southern part, has a historic building and market, and is the key to commercial commercial.


--- Simple introduction of Uzbekistan ---

Uzbekistan is a country located in Central Asia, with a strong history and culture of Silk Road. Tashkent, the capital, is the center of politics and economy, and is famous for its magnificent Hazlati Imam complex and beautiful subway stations. Samarcand is an ancient city, with historical buildings such as Registan Square and Bee Beehanum Mosque. Bubhara is another important city of Silk Road, with Alk Castle and many Madrasa. Hiva is a good castle city, and Ichan Kara is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


※supplementary explanation

The standard for the start date of use is ""Time when communication started locally"
( eSIM Not the time to install)

In addition, the concept of the day is the following "One day standard"Please refer to.

Country Russia/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan
Number of days 1 day to 30 days/daily
Data capacity (limit) 500MB to 2GB/day
Extreme after excessive speed limit 128kbps
Expiration date after issuance 90 days
One day standard UTC+8 standard 7:00 to 24 hours
SIM type roaming
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