eSIM Configuration iPhone after purchase

User Guide

Please check before installation!

  • Be sure to be connected to a network eSIM Please register. (You can also register in the Wi-Fi environment.)
  • From the email at the time of purchase eSIM Please check the information.
  • eSIM If you are not able to register or not use it, please contact us for the details from the inquiry form. ( eSIM Do not delete. )

*table of contents*

Explanation video

There is also a simple explanatory video of the setting procedure, so please check if you like.


eSIM addition

"Settings> Mobile communication> eSIM "Add"
Be sure to add from an environment connected to the network.

Scan the QR code

From the email that arrived at the time of purchase eSIM Please check the information. How to read

  1. Print the QR code on paper and read it
  2. Display the QR code on another terminal or other PC and read it
  3. Save the QR code image as data and read it (iOS17.4.1 Not available as of now
  4. "Press and hold the QR code in the arrived email" displays "" eSIM "Add"iOS17.4.1 as of
  5. Enter the information described in the setting information manually (if the QR code cannot be read)

Please do it in your favorite method.

In the case of iOS17 or later, it can also be read from the image of the QR code saved in the "photo". Save the QR code that arrived in the email in advance in "Photo" and read it from "Open the photo".

* It may not be supported by the iOS version.
iOS17.4.1 Not available as of now

In the case of iOS17.4.1 or later, it can be read from the image of the QR code received by e -mail. "Press and hold the QR code image in the content of the email opened in the browser (Safari) or email application, etc. eSIM Please select "Add".

* Depending on the mail app used, it may not be supported.
* It may not be supported by the iOS version.

If you have difficulty scanning the QR code, please enter detailed information manually eSIM Please copy and paste the manual input information of.

eSIM Activate

If you close the screen during the activity, the setting will be cut.
eSIM Please note that the settings fail and cannot be redoed.

"With this iPhone, 〇〇 communication eSIM Is enabled. "When the screen is displayed, be sure to tap" Complete "to end the activation operation.
(It may take 5 to 30 minutes to complete)
* The name of the telecommunications company changes depending on the purchase product.

If you can't activate if you get a pop -up

In Japan, it is not possible to connect to overseas networks, so when you set it in Japan, pop -ups may appear like this.
eSIM It is not an error of the product itself.
Tap OK and proceed with the remaining settings.

Various line settings

It may be omitted in Japan (you can set it later)

Mobile communication plan label settings

This is a screen to set the name of the SIM.
The name of the SIM can be set freely.
(For example, "Travel Moba eSIM "I think it is easy to understand if you use it)

Default line settings

This is a screen that selects the message (SMS, iMessage, FaceTime) and the SIM line used for calls.
If you do not set it on the main line, you will not be able to receive the telephone with the SMS addressed to the Japanese phone number.
(Phone may be charged for international telephone fees when receiving calls)

Mobile communication settings

This is a screen for selecting SIMs used for Internet connection.
Please choose according to the current position when you are setting.
Be sure to turn off your permission to switch mobile data communication.

When registering in Japan: Main line (Japan SIM)
When registering locally: Travel Moba eSIM (abroad eSIM )

Confirmation of roaming settings for the main line

Settings> Mobile Communication> SIM> Main Line (Japan SIM)> OFF data roaming

abroad eSIM Confirmation of line settings and APN settings

Settings> Mobile Communication> SIM> Travel Moba eSIM

① Turn on "Turn on this line"
(2) Select voice call and data> 4G (If it is displayed as LTE, select LTE)
③ Enter mobile data communication APN and Internet shared APN
④ Data roaming ON

* OFF data roaming when local SIM products
* APN settings must be performed only if manual settings are required. Most of the time you do not need to do it.

eSIM Check after the setting is completed (before departure)

① Mobile data communication -main line (Japan SIM)
② Default voice line -main line (Japan SIM)
③ SIM line main line -on travel Moba eSIM -OFF

After arriving at the site

Confirmation of line connection

Settings> Mobile Communication> SIM> Travel Moba eSIM
> "Turn on this line"
> Turn on data roaming

* 1 OFF data roaming when local SIM products
* 2 If data communication does not start locally, restart the terminal

Change of mobile data communication settings

Settings> Mobile communication> Mobile data communication "travel moba" eSIM "change to

* If you need SMS and accept audio telephone reception by Japanese phone number, turn on the main line (Japan SIM) of the SIM and set the default audio line to the main line.
However, dual SIM (Japanese line and travel Moba) eSIM In the case of both, the battery may be consumed faster.

Last check!

① Settings> Mobile communication> SIM> Main line> OFF data roming
② Settings> Mobile Data Communications -Travel Moba eSIM
/ OFF of data switching permission
③ Settings> Mobile Data Communication -Travel Moba eSIM
/ ON Data Roming (OFF data roaming for local SIM)
④ Default voice line -main line (Japanese SIM)
⑤ Mobile data communication -Travel Moba eSIM (abroad eSIM )

* If there is no problem with the settings and the data communication does not start, try restarting the terminal (may be required multiple times).