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  • The configuration information (QR code) will be sent to the e -mail address to be entered at the time of purchase, so please be careful not to make a mistake in the e -mail address. If you have purchased the wrong email addressInquiry formPlease contact us more.
  • With your smartphone before the purchase procedure eSIM Can you use "Terminal that can be usedPlease be sure to check on the page.
  • If a SIM lock is hanging eSIM Even on the device equipped with eSIM Cannot be used. SIM unlock to each carrier/ eSIM Please be sure to check if it is a corresponding terminal. Regarding SIM locks, each carrier is different, so be sure to check with your career. If you have a SIM lock, you may need to apply in advance to release the SIM lock.
  • eSIM Please note that we cannot accept returns after issuance.