• Overseas use eSIM Comparison site [TSUNAGU eSIM ] I was introduced to you


    Overseas use eSIM Comparison site [Tsunagu eSIM ] I was introduced to you.

    At the momentSouth Korea eSIM Comparison pageIt is published in.

    Thank you for your introduction.

  • Notice of price revision (April 8, 2024)

    It is sold today (April 8, 2024) eSIM We have changed the product price for the whole product.
  • South Korea eSIM An unlimited data plan has been added to the product


    Can be used in Korea eSIM Added products that can use data unlimited to.

    The official local type of Korean SKT that can use data unlimited during the number of days you have purchased eSIM Please use it by all means.

    In addition to it, Korea eSIM The composition of the product has been replaced overall.

  • eSIM Updated settings for settings after purchase (iPhone version)


    eSIM Configuration commentary article after purchase (iPhone version)The content has been updated.
    The procedure is described in more detail and easier to see than the previous one, so please use it.

    * The Android version of the article will be updated later.
  • Can be used in Taiwan eSIM Notice of re -change of policies regarding passport registration (registration use)


    Thank you for your help.

    the other day,We have notified that passport registration is no longer needed on March 6.I did
    There is a change in career policy again,Passport registration is requiredReturn toI did it.
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the change in a short period of time.

    If you don't register your passport eSIM UsingIn that case, SMS messages directly from cmlink on the terminalto reach.
    The message is "Because it has not registered real name eSIM Can not be activatedIt will arrive with the content of "

    If this message arrives while using it,Please access the URL listed in the message and proceed to register.
    URL is It will be.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Can be used in Taiwan eSIM Notice regarding passport registration (registration usage)


    Can be used in Taiwan currently provided eSIM Notice about your passport registration.

    For Taiwan eSIM Was a must -have for passport, but localPassport registration on March 6th today due to career policy change[Unnecessary]became.

    The applicable range is also eligible for products purchased before today. If you have already registered your passport todayIt can be used regardless of this policy change.

    * No need to register your passport this time eSIM teeth【Taiwan】Only. Please note that it is necessary continuously if necessary in other countries and regions.

    In the futureChanging your career policy may require your passport registration again.Please note that there is.

    In that case, I will notify you again.