eSIM Setting after purchase Android

User Guide

Please check before setting

  • From an environment where the network is always connected eSIM Please register. (Wifi is also possible)
  • Check the data switching OFF.
  • From the registered email eSIM Please check the information.
  • eSIM When adding the screen, such as finishing during the addition, returning the screen, executing other apps. eSIM Addition can fail. Please note that you will not be able to reset.
  • eSIM If you cannot register or use it, please contact us from the inquiry form. ( eSIM Please contact us without deleting. )

*table of contents*

eSIM addition

Settings → Connection → SIM Manager → eSIM Add
Be sure to add from an environment connected to the network.

Scan the QR code

It can also be read from the QR code image saved in the gallery. (It may not be possible depending on the model)

eSIM Activate

If you close the screen (while active), the setting will be disconnected.
eSIM Please note that the settings fail and cannot be redoed.
(It may take 5 to 30 minutes to complete)
* The communication company name displayed depending on the purchased product will change.

Select the line to use

This operation may be omitted when set in Japan (you can set it later)

  1. Message: Call and SMS line selection
    If you set it on a Japanese line (SIM1), you can receive SMS and telephone to the Japanese phone number.
    (Phone may be charged for international telephone fees when receiving calls)
  2. Mobile data: Select Internet connection line
    When registering in Japan: SIM1 (Japanese SIM)
    When registering locally: ESIM1 (Travel Moba) eSIM )
    * The name of ESIM1 can be changed when the line is turned on.

eSIM settings of

Settings → Connection → SIM Manager → ESIM1 line is turned off

*in Japan eSIM The carrier name of Japan may be displayed when you make a setting, but it is caused by the current location information. eSIM It is not a problem.
* Some other regions corresponding to Japan eSIM Other than eSIM Cannot connect to a network in Japan.

Japanese line setting

Settings → Connection → International Raming → Data Roming ON

*abroad eSIM OFF data roaming when local network products

eSIM Check after the setting is completed (before departure)

  • SIM1: Line ON
  • ESIM1: line off


eSIM Turn on the line

  1. Setting → Connection → SIM Manager → SIM1 is turned off, eSIM ON
  2. Settings → Connection → SIM Manager → Changed the mobile data of the priority SIM to ESIM1
  3. OFF "Switching data"
* If you need SMS reception or telephone reception with a Japanese phone number, turn on SIM1 (Japan SIM) and set the call and message to SIM1. However, dual SIM (Japanese SIM and travel Moba) eSIM If both are turned on), the battery exhaustion may be faster.

APN manual settings

Please go only if you need APN manual settings. Usually, in most cases, APN manual settings are not required.

Settings → Connection → Mobile Network → APN → Select "ESIM1" at the bottom right of the screen →: (upper right of the screen) → Initialization → Addition

APN editing

Enter name, APN, user noodles, password →: (upper right of the screen) → Save → restart the terminal

* APN information is usually not input. If you need to enter APN information, please contact us separately.

Last check!

  1. eSIM → Turn on the line
  2. Mobile data → Select ESIM1

* If you need SMS reception or telephone reception with a Japanese phone number, turn on SIM1 line and set the priority SIM to SIM1.
(Phone may be charged for international telephone fees when receiving calls)