Affiliate partner recruitment

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Information on affiliate recruitment

eSIM The sales site "Travel and Mobile" ( has an affiliate (agency) function, and we are looking for a wide range of individuals and companies that can cooperate.
The use of smartphones on overseas travel, which is returning to the level in front of Corona, is about to change significantly from the conventional form.
“ eSIM The opportunity to see the word "" has increased, but in the world eSIM The market is expected to grow to $ 4.62 billion by 2030, and it will definitely be a big market.
This year" eSIM It is a very targeted product among the saturated affiliates during the "first year".
Our unique URL is issued to individuals and companies who participate in affiliates, and a certain percentage is paid from the purchase price of the product purchased via the URL. By all means, thank you for your cooperation from many individuals and companies.

What is affiliate?

Affiliates include advertising banners and links on the SNS services you are using and on our own web services (blogs, websites, e -mail magazines, etc.).It is a service that allows you to receive rewards according to the results.

Affiliate flow

1. Paste a banner or link to SNS, blog / website
2. Users buy products on mobile and mobile via banner links
3. Pay a certain percentage of rewards according to the purchased amount


We welcome applicants for those who send information on SNS and those who operate a website.
However, please check that there is a certain participation qualification in the partnership.

1. Individuals and corporations that send information on SNS, blog, website, etc.
2. Must meet the following conditions
  • Not performing extreme sexual expressions (including photos, videos, audio, etc.)
  • Violent, discriminatory expressions, extremely biased philosophy
  • It has not been acted to fuel gambling, such as gambling and dating
  • No act of inhibiting our sales or brand image
* Please note that these are general standards, and we may cancel the partnership without any request depending on the content of the content.

Reward payment conditions

Remuneration ratio: Determined based on expected results, etc.
Available for results: Orders in both travel and mobile ( * Excluding shipping and commissions
Payment conditions: Completion of product delivery
* Orders, refusal, return, false orders are not eligible.
Inquiries about the above:Inquiry formPlease.
When making inquiries, please contact us with the SNS account to be posted, the URL of the blog and website, and the corporate website URL.

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