What is travel Moba?

What is mobile and mobile?

TabiMoba "Prepaid for overseas data communication eSIM Sales siteis.

No rental Wi-Fi nor SIM cards are required!
TabiMoba "of eSIM So your smartphone is easily connected anywhere in the world!

Are you in trouble with this?

It is often asked what to do with smartphone data communication while traveling.

  • Smartphone data communication when traveling abroad is high ...
  • Rental WiFi is troublesome to carry and return routers
  • I'm scared to buy SIM locally
  • It is troublesome to replace the physical SIM yourself

Such a problem [ TabiMoba ] It can be solved!

TabiMoba If you purchase it on the web, just read the QR code sent by e -mail to your smartphone. eSIM Because you can add a troublesome physical SIM, you will be able to easily and conveniently communicate overseas without worrying about carrying or losing WiFi routers.

Of course, tethering is possible, and LINE and Google search can be used without any problems without using VPNs.

Both travel and mobile features
  • Select the country of travel to the destination / stay / use GB (gigabyte) capacity on the website, purchase the QR code, and read the issued QR code all over the world!
    * As of November 2023, there may be countries that cannot be supported or restricted. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
  • No need to purchase rental Wi-Fi or local SIM cardEasy and convenient use of smartphones!
  • Unique to an international telephone companyHigh -quality, stable high -speed data communicationCan!
  • Data communication1/10 of the regular usage fee and 1/3 of rental Wi-Fi chargesAnd cost performance is also excellent!
  • Internet sharing (tethering) is possible, other devices such as PCs are also available!
    * Tethering may be restricted by local carriers depending on the usage situation. Please note.

"Travel and mobile" eSIM We will create a world that will be commonplace for future overseas travel and business trips.

Service summary material

eSIM What is

eSIM AndSIM card built into terminals such as smartphones and tabletsThat's it. This is sold here eSIM Not only eSIM I will describe the explanation for general.

First, SIM is an abbreviation of the Subscriptioner Identity Module (subscriber identification module), a chip that records contract information and telephone numbers with telecommunications carriers. The conventional SIM card was used by inserting it into the terminal, eSIM Is embedded in the terminal and cannot be removed physically.

Instead, download the QR code and profile provided by the telecommunications carrier through the Internet and apps, etc. eSIM You can activate.

eSIM Benefits of
  • You can easily contract or change online. Since there is no need to mail or the procedure at stores, time and effort can be saved.
  • Because it is built into the terminal, there is no worry about lost or failure of the SIM card. In addition, since the SIM card slot is no longer needed, the design and waterproof performance of the terminal may be improved.
  • eSIM If you are a corresponding terminal, you can use dual SIM in combination with a physical SIM card. This allows you to use a phone number properly for work and private, or contract with a local telecommunications carrier when traveling abroad.

eSIM Disadvantage of
  • eSIM The corresponding terminal is still limited. Especially in Japan eSIM The corresponding smartphone is limited to the models that have been released to some extent, and cannot be used on terminals with SIM locks.
  • eSIM When using, it is necessary to set and operate the terminal and telecommunications carrier. Especially when changing or changing models eSIM Procedures such as reissue and rewriting may be required.
  • eSIM Is not physically removed, so care must be taken when selling a terminal or for repair.
  • eSIM The method of disabling or deleting is important, so it is important to check in advance.

eSIM Is a technology that becomes increasingly widespread in the future, so its features andUnderstand advantages and demeritsIt is important to keep it.