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China/Hong Kong/Macau [Daily Plan]

China/Hong Kong/Macau [Daily Plan]

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Number of days
Data capacity

Can be used in China/Hong Kong/Macau eSIM is.

You can use it for the specified days, and you can use it per day specified.
If you use up the capacity, you can use it at low speed.

--- Simple introduction in China ---

China is a vast country located in East Asia, featuring long history and diverse culture. Beijing, the capital, is the center of politics and culture, and is famous for the Foreign Palace and Tiananmon Square. Shanghai is the center of the economy, and has a modern landscape such as the east of the east pearl pagoda. Guangzhou is a commercial city in the southern part, with Guangzhou Tower and historic Nishinoseki Oya. Xi'an is an ancient city, with Terracotta Warriors and Daigan Pagoda are tourist attractions.


--- Simple introduction of Hong Kong ---

Hong Kong is a special administrative district in China, an international city located in East Asia. This city, which spreads around Victoria Harbor, is known as the center of finance and trade. Hong Kong Island is the center of business and commerce, and Victoria Peak, a symbol of Hong Kong, and historic trams. The Kowloon Peninsula is a shopping and sightseeing area, and Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongakuro are famous. The new world is rich in nature, there are areas such as Daiki and Sada, so you can enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.


--- Simple introduction of Macau ---

Macau is a special administrative district in China, featuring the rich history and culture influenced by Portugal. The Macau Peninsula is the center, and is famous for its historic buildings such as Senado Square and the site of St. Paul Tenshodo. The Kotai area is an area that has developed rapidly in recent years, and many casino resorts and luxurious hotels are lined up, making it the center of sightseeing and entertainment. Taipa Island is an area with a traditional atmosphere, with Taipa Village and many Portuguese buildings.


※supplementary explanation

The standard for the start date of use is ""Time when communication started locally"
( eSIM Not the time to install)

In addition, the concept of the day is the following "One day standard"Please refer to.

Country China/Hong Kong/Macau
Number of days 1 day to 30 days/daily
Data capacity (limit) 500MB to 1GB/day
Extreme after excessive speed limit 128kbps
Expiration date after issuance 90 days
One day standard 24 hours from activation
SIM type roaming
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