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Kuwait/Oman/Qatar/Saudi Arabia [Daily Plan]

Kuwait/Oman/Qatar/Saudi Arabia [Daily Plan]

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Number of days
Data capacity

Can be used in Kuwait/Oman/Qatar/Saudi Arabia eSIM is.

You can use it for the specified days, and you can use it per day specified.
If you use up the capacity, you can use it at low speed.

--- Simple introduction of Kuwait ---

Kuwait is a Middle Eastern country facing Persian Bay, featuring abundant oil resources and modern urban landscapes. Kuwait City is the center of politics and economy, and is famous for Kuwait Tower and Grand Mosque. Salmiya has many shopping malls and restaurants in commercial and cultural bases. Al Ahamadi is the center of the petroleum industry and is a major oil -producing area in Kuwait.


--- Oman's simple introduction ---

Oman is a country located on the southeastern end of the Arabian Peninsula, featuring rich history and beautiful nature. The capital Muscat is the center of politics and the economy, with a magnificent Sultan Curabos' large mosque and a historic Matla old market. Salara is located in the southern part, and the scenery and beautiful beaches that become green in the monster season and beautiful beaches are attractive. Nizuwa is a historic city of inland, with ancient fortresses and markets, and the traditional culture of Oman remains.


--- Simple introduction of Qatar ---

Qatar has rapidly developed in the Middle East, Persian Bay, with abundant natural gas and oil resources. The capital Dorha is the center of politics and the economy, and is famous for modern high -rise buildings and Islamic Art Museum. Al Wakura is a port town where you can feel the traditional Qatar culture, with the Al Wakura Museum. Lucile is a newly developed city and is located in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


--- Saudi Arabia brief introduction ---

Saudi Arabia is a vast country located in the Middle East, featuring the rich history and culture with two large sacred places in Islam. The capital, Riyad, is the center of politics and the economy, with modern high -rise buildings and historic Masumac Castle. Mecca is the sacred city of Islam, and is famous for Al -Halam Mosque, where the Temple is located. Jidda is a commercial city along the Red Sea, and is attractive with beautiful coons and historic old town. Danmam is a base for the oil industry and is the center of the eastern economy.


※supplementary explanation

The standard for the start date of use is ""Time when communication started locally"
( eSIM Not the time to install)

In addition, the concept of the day is the following "One day standard"Please refer to.

Country Kuwait/Oman/Qatar/Saudi Arabia
Number of days 5 days to 30 days/daily
Data capacity (limit) 500MB to 2GB/day
Extreme after excessive speed limit 384kbps
Expiration date after issuance 180 days
One day standard 24 hours from activation
Career OOREDOO (WATANIYA)/OOREDOO (Nawras)/Qtel (OOREDOO)/etihad etisalat (Mobily)
SIM type roaming
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