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Brazil/Chile [Daily Plan]

Brazil/Chile [Daily Plan]

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Number of days
Data capacity

Can be used in Brazil/Chile eSIM is.

You can use it for the specified days, and you can use it per day specified.
If you use up the capacity, you can use it at low speed.

--Simple introduction of Brazil ---

Brazil is the largest country in South America, featuring diverse culture and rich nature. The capital Brazilia is known as a planned city, and modern architecture is the highlight. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beautiful beaches and carnivals, and has a copaco navigation system and a Christ image. Sao Paulo is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, with many museums and theaters as the center of economic and culture. Salvador has a strong influence of African culture, and is a tourist attraction in the historic Pellowinho area.


--- Simple introduction of Chile ---

Chile is a long and narrow country in South America, featuring a variety of terrain and rich culture. The capital Santiago is the center of politics, economy, and culture, and the highlights of the Moneda Palace and Museum of Art against the backdrop of the Andres mountains. Balpariso is a port city on the Pacific coast, and is famous for its colorful hill houses and poet Pablo Neluda houses. Punta Arenas is located at the southern end and is popular with nature enthusiasts at the gateway to the Patagonia region.


※supplementary explanation

The standard for the start date of use is ""Time when communication started locally"
( eSIM Not the time to install)

In addition, the concept of the day is the following "One day standard"Please refer to.

Country Brazil/Chile
Number of days 1 day to 30 days/daily
Data capacity (limit) 500MB to 2GB/day
Extreme after excessive speed limit 128kbps
Expiration date after issuance 90 days
One day standard 24 hours from activation
Career Tim/Vivo/Vivo S.A/ENTEL/MOVISTAR
SIM type roaming
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