Open a prepaid eSIM sales site "TabiMoba" for overseas data communication

Prepaid eSIM sales site for overseas data communication "TabiMoba"Is open!

Smartphone data communication that is indispensable for traveling abroad. However, overseas communication charges tend to be expensive, and you may often be worried about budgets and plans. In addition, there are WiFi router rentals, but if you use eSIM, you can use only your smartphone. The service that solves such travelers' worries is "TabiMoba"is.

TabiMoba」Is a prepaid eSIM sales site dedicated to overseas data communication. eSIM is an electronic SIM card built into your smartphone, and you do not need to replace a physical SIM card. If you have a smartphone compatible with ESIM, "TabiMoba"By simply downloading and setting the purchased eSIM, data communication can be comfortably used overseas.

TabiMoba」If you purchase in advance before going abroad, you can save time and time, such as searching for SIM cards at airports and locally, and renting WiFi routers. In addition, since it is possible to purchase multiple sheets, it is also convenient for long -term stay or multiple country tours.

To make travel abroad more freely and more fun 「TabiMoba」 Please use.
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