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Thailand 8 days 15GB [Total data plan] [AIS local eSIM ]

Thailand 8 days 15GB [Total data plan] [AIS local eSIM ]

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Number of days
Data capacity

15GB for 8 days that can be used in Thailand eSIM is.

Can be used for 8 days, capacityIf you use it up, you can use the remaining days at low speed.

AIS local eSIM is.

* Note: This eSIM At the "when installed" on the terminal, it starts to use it eSIM Will be. Installation on the terminal (reading the QR code) should be done just before traveling or locally.

--- Simple introduction in Thailand ---

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia, featuring rich culture and beautiful natural scenery. The capital Bangkok is the center of politics, economy, and culture, and the magnificent royal palace and Wat Plakeo are famous. Chiang Mai is a major city in the northern part, with historical temples and beautiful mountains, and Thai culture remains deeply. Phuket is a resort in the southern part, with white sandy beaches and clear sea attract the tourists. Pattaya is a lively beach resort, with night entertainment and water sports.


※supplementary explanation

The standard for the start date of use is ""Time when communication started locally"
( eSIM Not the time to install)

In addition, the concept of the day is the following "One day standard"Please refer to.

Country Thailand
Number of days 8 days
Data capacity (limit) 15GB/total
Extreme after excessive speed limit 384kbps
Expiration date after issuance 90 days
One day standard NO Info
Career AIS
SIM type local
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