Notice of iPhone version / Android version app start

Telink Co., Ltd., which offers international telephone services, has been on sale from November 7, 2023 (Tuesday), and a prepaid for overseas data communication that has been released on websites. eSIM "Travel and Mobile" ( We are pleased to announce that the iPhone version / Android version app has been released.

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iPhone app

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Android App

Sales and websites (Tuesday) and web site ( ) We have received a lot of applications and inquiries since the release.
Among them, we have released the iPhone version / Android version app that had many requests and inquiries. Please use it by all means.

What is "Travel and Mobile"?

Country of travel country / Number of stay days / Usage GB (gigabyte) Select capacity, purchase QR code, and read the issued QR code, which can be easily connected to anywhere in the world.
Until now, the mainstream was to use smartphones by rental Wi-Fi and local SIM card purchases. eSIM "The birth of" has become very convenient.

There were voices such as "Rental Wi-Fi is troublesome and luggage ...", "Local SIM cards are complicated and cannot be used ...", but "Travel and Mobile". eSIM In addition to being able to easily complete the procedure with a single smartphone, the cost performance is excellent at 1/10 of the regular usage fee and 1/3 of the rental Wi-Fi fee.
And the high -quality and stable high -speed data communication unique to an international telephone company is an excellent attraction of "Travel and Mobile".

In addition, "Travel and Mobile" is usually limited and cannot be used in China and other areas, and the mobile messenger application "LINE" can be used without any problems, so when used in Japan. You can use your smartphone without changing.
In addition, "Travel and Mobile" can be tethering, so you can use smartphones of families and friends who enjoy your trip together at the same time, and it can be used on devices other than smartphones such as PCs and tablets. We have received high praise.

[Big merit of "Travel and Mobile"]

  • ■ Country of travel to your website / Number of stay / usage GB (gigabyte) Capacity purchases QR code,
  • ■ Loading the issued QR code will connect anywhere in the world!
  • ■ Rental Wi-Fi or local SIM card purchase is unnecessary and smartphone is easy and convenient!
  • ■ High -quality and stable high -speed data communication unique to international telephone companies is possible!
  • ■ Data communication is also 1/10 of the regular usage fee and 1/3 of the rental Wi-Fi fee is also excellent!
  • ■ Internet sharing (tethering) is possible, other devices such as PCs are also available!
  • ■ "Google" and "LINE" can be used even in areas where there are restrictions and cannot be used!

〈 eSIM What is>

It will be a SIM that is incorporated into the terminal and can write customer information such as telephone numbers remotely.
It is a technology that can easily start using communication services, such as a physical SIM card.

in conclusion

With the release of the iPhone version / Android version of the application, by all means, when traveling abroad or business trips during the year -end and New Year holidays eSIM I hope many people will experience "Mobile and Mobile".
"High quality data communication", "no hassle", and "reasonable" "Travel and Mobile" eSIM We will create a world that will be commonplace for future overseas travel and business trips.
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